have you thought about eloping?

Are you stressed about planning a big wedding and losing interest in the whole thing? Maybe you are sick of the family drama surrounding your day. Or, perhaps you just want really epic photos to celebrate a day that reflects the love you share. As an elopement photographer, I can help you craft your dream day. Whether it is an intimate destination wedding or an adventure elopement hiking somewhere incredible, I am here for you. I want you to be excited to celebrate a day that you actually feel connected to. This means when you look back on your images or flip through your album, you’re not just looking at beautiful photos, you’re re-living the day you married your best friend, with each moment encompassing what matters to you.

It gets even better than that, as we also help plan your day, which eases some major stress that comes along with a wedding or elopement! From location scouting, to permits, and even officiating, your elopement package comes packed full of assistance. Adding a “reception” of some kind to your elopement? We help you find other vendors, plan your timeline around getting the most of your day, and will even join you in the fun.

Elopement packages range from 2 Hours of coverage (for those adorable courthouse elopements!) and go all the way to multi-day options! Pricing ranges from $800-$5000+, providing options for any budget! If you are thinking of having more than 15 guests, consider an intimate wedding and check out more here.

A Montana adventure elopement photographer captures a winter elopement near Bozeman, MT

So, what even is an elopement?

An elopement is not what it used to be – quickly getting hitched in a courthouse in secret (even though it can be if that’s what you’d like). A more modern meaning of an elopement is a wedding day that is intentional for the couple, with a small (or no) guest count, and reflects the relationship of those creating the union.

it is meaningful, intimate, and entirely about spending the day with the person you’ve chosen to be with forever. Anything from a city hall to multiple days hiking in the mountains, it doesn’t matter, let’s create the day you’ve been dreaming of!

A Montana adventure elopement photographer captures a winter elopement near Bozeman, MT

6 reasons you should elope

Your Dream Experience

Any location, any time of year, any wedding attire, any activity you want do. Literally WHATEVER you want to do. It's your elopement day, so really care about how you spend it. If you can't obtain your dream day through a traditional wedding, then elope!


Eloping can bring about so many amazing things, and it can also help you lessen other aspects. Many people elope to spend less money, or to invite fewer people, some even elope to leave less of an imprint from their day. And the big one, less stress!

It's About YOU

The focus of the day is on your relationship, not the needs and drama of your guests. You don't have to be the center of attention with 200 guests trying to talk to you. It's okay to value the quality of your day over the quantity of guests.

Untraditional + Authentic

You get to create a wedding day that truly feels like you. If the thought of being too "normal" or sticking to a restrictive timeline makes you lose interest in planning, you're not alone. Life is full of adventure, your wedding can be too.


Time spent with your partner is something to value for your day. You can experience that wonderful "just us" feeling. You can read your extremely personal vows (and even cry) with no watching eyes. Take your entire day to just be present with your person.

The Photos

As a photographer, I can't list reasons to elope without mentioning the AMAZING images you're going to have. It may be pretty difficult to have a venue wedding, and find the scenery and time to get incredible hiking photos across a mountainous landscape.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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what could your day look like?

Wedding rings are on vow books for an elopement, captured by a Bozeman elopement photographer.
A Montana adventure elopement photographer captures a winter elopement near Bozeman, MT
A Montana adventure elopement photographer captures a winter elopement near Bozeman, MT
A Montana adventure elopement photographer captures a winter elopement near Bozeman, MT

↟ Your day, your way. Let's explore ↟

↟ Your day, your way.
Let's explore ↟

Let's Get Started!

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The world is meant for exploring

photographing couples anywhere

Although I am based in Livingston, MT, I absolutely love to photograph elopements and weddings wherever my clients desire. Location is a major part of your experience, so there is no need to limit yourselves. Whether it is a meaningful place for your relationship or even somewhere incredible you’ve never been, I will happily fly or drive to meet you there! Have no idea where you want to get married? I am full of suggestions based on the type of day and scenery you want to have!

When you inquire, I already factor travel costs into my quotes. There are no big surprise fees when you go to book, and you never pay for any travel expenses I don’t actually need. If I can drive to your location, my quote is going to be very different than the couple’s whose elopement I need to fly to for multiple days. Interested in one of my bucket list locations listed below? I offer discounts for these amazing places!

map, map silhouette, map outline-961700.jpg

bucket list locations

Travel is what makes my soul happy. What could make experiencing a new place even better? Photographing the love between two people who also want to immerse themselves in the incredible place can. I have decided that as a way to explore even more of this world, I will offer major discounts to couples getting married in any of the places listed below. To be totally transparent, I mainly just need travel costs covered and enough to justify blocking off several days of potential bookings.

travel dates

Glacier National Park, MT

May 13th – 14th, 2023

New Hampshire

May 18th – 22nd, 2023

Big Horn National Forest, WY

July 22nd – 23rd, 2023 

New Hampshire

Sept 27th – Oct 23rd, 2023

New Hampshire

August 14th – 19th, 2024

Above and Beyond!

"I contacted Katie on a Wednesday for a last minute elopement happening that Saturday. Even though she already had personal plans for the day, she cleared her schedule to capture our Wedding Day. I told her where we were planning on getting married because we wanted a view of the mountains in the photos. She made some phone calls and secured us a way better location with stunning views of the mountains. She asked about details on our wedding day and she could clearly tell I didn’t have much planned as I didn’t even have a dress yet. Katie went out of her way and helped me find the most gorgeous dress. Our wedding day was on March 21st, it was 30 degrees and very windy. Katie braved the cold weather and captured stunning photos that I will cherish forever. I can’t express how grateful I am for Katie and this wonderful experience. She did not act only as a photographer, but also went above and beyond to act as a day-of planner for me, seeing that I needed help pulling this off. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am to have had such a wonderful photographer work with me on my wedding day. I could not have pulled this off without her."
Montana elopement photographer captures couple embracing.
- Elicia + Andrew

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